Policy for Sellers

Dear Sellers,

Jomso has received many queries from vendors on many topics on selling products on jomso.com. Many of them are very frequent. We are guiding you through some of those most frequently asked questions which will assist you over understanding selling on jomso.com.

1. How to upload products on jomso.com

>> Jomso.com allows you to upload single products with all advanced options. After registration with jomso.com, a seller can fill up the necessary content and can upload the product image to request listing on jomso.com. Once the products are requested to list on the portal, within 72 hours from the time, it will go live on jomso.com.


2. How will I receive the orders?

>> All the orders can be seen in the seller panel after logging into that. Also an email notification are sent to you when you receive each order. Click on the order tab and all the orders can be seen there. Click on each order to get the details about that particular order. Accept the order from order page and get the packing slip printed and pack it ready to make it ready to ship.

 3. When and how will I get my Payment? 

>> Your payment will be reflected into your given bank accounts after deduction of our sales commission. Every vendor will receive the payment of current month's delivered orders on next month's 10th date. That means January month's delivered orders payment will be released on 10th of February. For payment related queries, please drop an email to [email protected].

 4. What is the Commission percentage of jomso.com of total sale? 
>> Our commission after January 1, 2016 is 23% of the total sale value.

5. Our uploaded products are not live yet, why is so?

>> First thing first is, we need the image dimension of the product 1100*900 pixel. The content of the products has to be sufficient enough and perfect in terms of easy to understand for customers to build trust to buy. Once we feel that all given content is good enough to  make products live, then only your products goes live on our portal.

 6. How to ship an international orders?

>> All international orders need to be sent to our registered office of Surat address. We will ship them all from our office. Vendors need to send those orders to our address. Address is mentioned on the contact us page.

 7. Do I need to send invoice to customers? 
>>  The answer is yes, you need to send invoices to customers as Jomso.com provides only a platform to sell the vendors products and will charge a certain percentage of commission from you. We are not liable for any kind of taxation part of it.

 8. How do I get more orders and expect a promotion from jomso's marketing team?
>>  We have our own promotion team which look after all product's promotion strategy. We normally promote those products which has got best response organically. In another case, those products which has good images and content will also be promoted on seller's request. From all requests, our promotion team will decide which products will be promoted and when.

 9. Do you charge for listing products on your portal? 
>> We do not charge any seller for listing their products on our portal as of now. 

We hope these FAQ will help you to understand and to sell on jomso.com 

We wish you all happy selling on jomso.com 


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